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Date Updates
1/7/01 OK, I'm really lazy... Sorry about that... But anyway, I've done some minor updates all this time (Mainly on Battle µ.) And I'm seriously considering some things and I need your input.

1. Should I keep the PW! Pages? If so, which set?
2. Should I keep making the Pokédex? There are many good sources of information other than this site, which I get ALL of my data from. Because of this, the newly updated Pokédex, like the Channsey entry I've updated today, may not be necessary...
3. Should I make a Javascript Cookie that allows you to choose whether or not you want MIDI's played? Wait... I'll use my psychic powers... YES! The answer is yes...
4. Should I take down the Roketto Dan in Many languages page?
5. Should I take down the Anime Song Transliterations? Bandraptor's site provides for that already...

E-mail me at with your answers. On a similar note, I *WILL NOT* take down the links page (I'll probably add more good links) and I *WILL* keep making Battle µ despite the threat from PBS (Boy is emulating G/S going to be a hassle...) And if you've got some sort of dissertation on Pokémon, I'd LOVE to see it and put it in the Pokézine that I acquired about a half a year ago with nearly no entries for (I'd like to see reviews on G/S, Crystal, Hey You! Pikachu, and Pokemon Puzzle League. Not to mention your own killer teams...)

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Game "Name" (ID) Place # of Pokes Time
American Blue "Ash" (22528) Cinnabar Island (6 Badges) 49 22:26
American Red "Satoshi" (43441) Finished 104 58:50
Japanese Green "Guriin" (54154) Viridian City (0 Badges) 2 0:17
American Yellow "ASH" (17202) Finished 44 11:56
Japanese Red "Satoshi" (58812) Cerulean City (1 Badge) 24 7:21
Japanese Gold "Hiroki" (50332) Finished 137 110:13
Japanese Silver "Kamon" (33659) Cinnabar Island (14 Badges) 42 27:07
American Silver (Cart 1) "Hiroki" (06463) Finished 146 86:46
American Silver (Cart 2) "HIRO" (05387) Mahogany Town (7 Badges) 21 12:55
American Gold "HIRO" (30825) Ecruteak City (3 Badges) 16 5:36

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Thanks to: Car'tos (for helping with the translations of some zukan entries), Bandraptor, (for letting me use some of her transliterated songs on her page) and Nintendo (as well as Game Freak and Creatures) for making this game! In addition, I would like to thank any other contributors not mentioned above.

If something is wrong or doesn't work, or if you have some idea for something on my page, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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