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Re: Fight the Cyborg! Prizes available!

Postby Whatevr89532 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:56 am

The cyborg is caught in the wind at first, but as usual, thinks quickly. She rotates herself and her sword so that the flat of the blade is in front of her, then lets go of it and turns, planting her feet on the blade to push herself off. The equal and opposite reaction tosses the sword farther into the tornado and herself out, though not unharmed by the attack. The weapon is left to tilt and spin randomly in the tornado, which depending on where Aldonza went after making it may not be ideal for her, but Cacophany lands on the ground very ungracefully, with a couple of skids before stopping. She draws herself up to a kneeling position, breathing somewhat heavily, with varying degrees of blood or sparks coming from the several razor-wind cuts, and tries to assess the situation.
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