Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition


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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby ZeroForever » Thu May 19, 2011 10:19 am

something of something that does something that your know somethings...

anyways... looking for a silly rp
general layout would be dead heroes/villains/other, they can be existing series or OC's.
they all find themselves revived on the 'Planet' dun dun dunnnn
They are all brought to a planet of sorts in a survival fight to find the 'Dues Ex Machina' and win, via a Super God (aka Beyonder style) the island is inherently dangerous as the island is more of less a post magitechnology apocolyse world.
Magitechnology nature has overridden the planet and there are things like mecha and dragons roaming the lands.
Though the main challenge will be the other characters.
Only 1 will win and losers will be returned to where they came, in this case being dead... which gives them motivation to not fail.
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby Cece » Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:23 pm

I would like to have a TF where my male character gets tricked into being turned into a mermaid and then needing to go off on a disneyesque type of adventure and finds himself becoming the heroine reluctantly while also reluctantly falling in love with someone else((maybe a boy or girl protagonist/damsel in destress type thing))
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby Dragoon465 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:11 pm

I would enjoy a TGTF RP. What kind? One that is whimsical, crazy, and barely makes sense.
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby Ryan5011 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:26 pm

I have an RP idea, it's pretty loose ended, but this was my idea: People get TF'd into representations of mythological creatures/people from various mythologies and are sent into an era that would be something the mix of past and present. Since characters would only be representations of mythological creatures/people, they wouldn't necessarily act like them, so if someone wanted to be the representation of Orochi (8 Headed Snake that devoured a villages most beautiful maiden), they wouldn't necessarily need all his traits, but would be snake-life, nor would you have to be the same gender as what you represent even after being TF'd, of course you can if you want or if the TFer does that to you. Normally I WOULD start this...but I have no clue what the actual plot would be :( On a side note, I'd make this open to a maximum of 8 people at the start, rather than open to everyone, though I would increase the max amount of people should it get famous enough xD
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby muffinstud » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:59 pm

muffinstud wrote:Okay, I've got a request.

"Unlawful In-laws", "Out with the In-laws!", or "The Taming of the Stu". Just a couple titles to get the juices going.

Two families, long ago, arranged for their first-born to be wed. Both of the children turned out to be boys, and both families considered the contract to be nullified. The families moved apart, and the children grew into adults. Neither of the men knows of the failed arrangement of marriage. However, one of the men has been having terrible luck with women, despite being a handsome, kind, good looking fellow. His family is determined to make him happy, and found a clause in the old arrangement they had looked over. The marriage is still valid! Determined to bring the perfect bride to their forlorn boy, his family takes every measure possible to make the other boy fulfill his side of the contract!

So pretty much, my character is the unwilling "bride." Any number of in-laws can be involved, with any kind of agent for the TF. Heck, if the in-laws TF each other, that would make things even more ridiculous and fun. As long as my character, Stewart, ends up completely female and the In-laws get his family in on "training" him for the marriage as well, I'll be happy.

So, this particular request didn't quite get it's feet off the ground. While I'm not sure the same exact thing would be prudent, I'd still like to see if I could arrange something in a similar vein with someone.

To make things simpler, I'd just like to have the TF and some kind of bridal training, making the victim into the perfect bride. While this is going on, the new bride-to-be either starts falling for the well-to-do groom, or for someone a little more down to earth that's been kind to her. Think of The Little Mermaid (H.C. Anderson's version, not Disney's), but with more zappy stuff.
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby Kether » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:49 pm

The Little mermaid is Deep One propaganda though.
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby yugi83 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:50 pm

I have an idea for a high tech one. Was thinking that some random guy accidentally stumbles into an experiment involiving nanotechnology as it is tampered with by a rival organization . To save itself, the tech fuses to our poor sap in the same way as the venom symbiote, with the effect of having a permanent shiny almost latexy look to whatever outfits it makes and causing our MC to go through a one sided Ranma 12 syndrome. Now he/they need to find someone to trust that will help them while looking for a way to reverse the change and keep it out of the hands of the other corporation.
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Re: Make a TF Foundation (MTFF): RP Edition

Postby Kris_Roth » Sun Dec 11, 2022 7:32 pm

Anyone want to do a superhero rp?

I had an idea for a superhero rp where characters get experimented on or end up a la Superman or Supergirl (they are aliens from a doomed planet and come to earth as children, then get adopted by human families.

I had an idea where the characters have been kidnapped and transformed into girls (or whatever), then they somehow escape and discover their latent powers which they use to craft new heroic identities to stop those from doing this to others.

Something like a Legion of Superheroes or JSA/Justice League thing. There can be villains as well.
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