Calypso's Characters

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Calypso's Characters

Postby CalypsoNymph » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:39 pm

...So, I have two characters that I plan to introduce to Magical Sailor Fuku! One of which won't be revealed, in full, for a while... but the other I plan on posting his introduction topic right away.

Danny Nymph:

Danny is... or was... the survivor of some strange time and zompie-esque adventers. Fortunatly for his personality, the end game has erased most, if not all, of his memories of those events while allowing him to keep his Parkour and Staff combat skills, as well as his cloths and equipment. Unfortunatly... he's not locked in time.

This is not an advantage.

Sometimes, when he's just walking down the street, he'll change into an earlier, or potential futuer version of himself, with or without his current set of memories and personality. Or maybe another one of him from an alternate time line will just pop up. Maybe he'll just forget things, or his equipment will turn into an earlier state, and be weaker. Even worse for poor Danny... those with access to really high level magics or science can, with limited success, manipulate his time flow from remote. Push him into being an 'alternate' Danny, or a 'previous' Danny, or maybe just make him have never learned that Tomapples are bad for your mental health. Pushing it too far, however, could cause some strange backlash to the user, and sometimes it just won't work, or work in an unintended way.

Time's weird like that.

Normally, though 'normal' is relative here, Danny is a relatively tall human male, with short dirty blond hair that falls into light bangs over his light blue eyes. He wears a slightly scuffed T-Shirt and cargo pants, and carries a wooden staff or a pipe of PVC around with him as self defense. He tries to be friendly, doesn't play well with rules, is a bit ackward, and doesn't take kindly to TF's. ...Of course, he might at any time 'fast forward' into a 'future' where he's fully adapted and loves it. He hates it when that happens.

Currently, his time flucutions are nigh constant, but it's rather clear to those who can scan flucutations in time and space that's it's slowing down, and will, eventually, settle itself down. ...More or less.

Calypso Nymph:

A strange purple smoke that appeared when Danny did. High level anylsis will be able to detect residue that it is high level Succubus pheromones, though strangly deactivated; it more or less just 'floats' there. The purple smoke has not been seen since.

It has recently been revealed, after she opened a Casino in Muffinville, that she is a high level Arch Succubus that favors her clothing on the skimpy side.
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