[Writing] TZCS: Curtis/Callista Dimensional Library

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[Writing] TZCS: Curtis/Callista Dimensional Library

Postby AmbushCat » Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:05 am

Found this years-old file in my stuff recently, and decided to edit it and submit it appropriately. I made one addition to the list and tacked on the opening spiel, and that was it aside from minor tweaks to several entries. Enjoy!



This file contains a list of the original Curtises, the original Callistas, and those counterparts of theirs that are under our immediate purview. Their lives are not to be interfered with unless said lack of interference would result in the endangerment of lives and realities.

Many more counterparts exist than can be tabulated at this time, so this list is hardly exhaustive.

Aldonza Karate
Infinite Defense Admiral


Curtis Wildcat #1 --- The base Wildcat from which the majority of dimensional counterparts stem. Has no extra abilities beyond his speed and his diamond-cutting claws. His crime-fighting organization is confined to Earth, and his only major opponents have been Quarter's Legion and Shan, both of whom are either no longer enemies or have already been captured. (See Note #1)

Curtis Wildcat #2 --- See CW #1. The organization has entered outer space, but has no real "fleet" to speak of, consisting only of the Wild Saturn and a small task force.

Curtis Wildcat #3 --- See CW #1. The Super-Cats have fought against the Sailor Scouts in the past due to misunderstandings on both sides, and are now considered their allies. The threats of tiberium and the Brotherhood of Nod were both dealt with. Curtis started using a shape-shifting sword as a weapon after all the fighting was said and done. (See Note #2)

Curtis Wildcat #4 --- See CW #2. The Super-Cats' fleet has expanded beyond the immediate solar system, with Shan being a more major threat and the Galactic Empire discovering the uncharted territory of the Milky Way. Both threats are now negligible.

Curtis Wildcat #5 --- See CW #4. The Game, featuring Curtis and Admiral Oakon as major players, was initiated by the Game Masters. In 2002, the Game ended and both people went their separate ways; after the Game Masters followed suit, the universe reverted to its original state. Curtis possesses Shape-Shifter in this reality.

Curtis Wildcat #6 --- See CW #5. Following the end of The Game, the Super-Cats started facing more and more threats, ranging from the Borg and Baroque Works to Brain Cat's Armada and the psychic powerhouse Yuri.

Curtis Wildcat #7 --- See CW #1. Curtis was killed by a lightning strike, causing the Super-Cats to split apart into several factions shortly after its founding. The mute Aldonza Carrot, who put in an appearance at Spamville in the fall of 2010, is from this universe.

Curtis Wildcat #8 --- See CW #6. A clone of Curtis was interdimensionally transported by the Lord of Nightmares shortly after said clone's birth. He now qualifies as a standalone counterpart, as he resides in the Sea of Chaos as part of an experiment, negating the powers of Hellmaster Phibrizzo and being forced to watch bad movies alongside him and Clawshu Mewkubi. (See Note #3)

Curtis Wildcat #9 --- See CW #6. Curtis discovered the universe of Spamville and became a frequent visitor. Tends to come off as a jerk without being antagonistic.

Curtis Wildcat #10 --- See CW #9. During the threat of Baroque Works, Curtis was turned into a human girl by a strange crystal in Spamville. This has led directly to:

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #1 --- A shopaholic and irritant to clerks and shopkeepers everywhere. Has trouble dealing with both her humanity and her feminity, but is ultimately accepting of them both and has no desire to return to her original male form.

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #2 --- Was transformed into a mazoku by Himitsu following the "she made Zelas cry" debacle, and actively controls the Brotherhood in his absence. Has assumed the name "Ophelia". Control of the Super-Cats was wrested from her by her former second-in-command.

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #3 --- See COW-M #1. Her Spamville is the primary target of a mysterious reality warper who intends to reshape the multiverse to her will. A lot of the people who have participated in Spamville since its founding are still present in some way. This is the universe depicted in the long-lost "Spam Sandwich" video game that our Curtis gave up on.

    C.L.A.R.I.S.S.A. --- Was cursed and locked in the body of an android by Shadell and Metroidvania. Her primary mission is to eliminate anyone who she deems idiotic, including her aforementioned "creators".

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #4 --- A much more assertive and brash variant; is in her early 20s, and became known as Callista Verlander after her marriage. On her Earth, she plays in the WNBA for the Dallas Wings. Most of those people from her Spamville have reputations as either idiots or jerks, with herself as one of the latter.

    Callous O. Sylph -- See COW-M #1. Due to events set in motion by Shadell, Callista and Circe were combined into the same body. Their appearance and personality are split in half, with one person's physical characteristics taking up one side and the other person's taking up the other, and neither side can stay in control of the body for more than a few seconds. The lone plus side of this is that Kaoru was separated from Callista's mind immediately prior to the incident, allowing the hammer-user to be her own person.

    Callista O. Wilson-Metallium #5 --- See COW-M #1. This iteration drank a mind-enhancing potion provided to her by Raleigh, and subsequently regained the power-set that she'd previously discarded thanks to hacking the Mirage of Deceit aspects of her being. This is probably the strongest of all the counterparts listed.

Curtis Wildcat #11 --- Possesses no major abilities beyond superspeed and sheer guts, and is actually one of the more minor members of the Super-Cats. The Zapana Zquor of his universe is known to be extremely shy and rather cowardly (in comparison to her mainline brash and fearless personality), although Curtis and several others have had some success in drawing her out of her shell.

Curtis Wildcat #12 --- See CW #4 and #15. Has several Pokemon (Snorlax and Scizor) to aid him in his crimefighting work, and occasionally visits the various islands to attend the tournaments. It should be noted that the Unova region does not exist in this reality, though appropriate counterparts do exist.

Curtis Wildcat #13 --- See CW #3-4. Curtis orchestrated a series of friendly fights amongst the individual Senshi, with the winner fighting against himself and a hand-picked set of Super-Cats; Sailor Moon was ultimately victorious. From that point on, tag team matches and occasional tournaments between them became fairly common. (See Note #4)

Curtis Wildcat #14 --- See CW #4, #8, and #13. Due to events revolving around the repercussions of Carlos Cosmos' rivalry with Ryoko, Curtis and the Super-Cats became allies of Tenchi Masaki and his clan.

Curtis Wildcat #15 --- See CW #5 and #12. Curtis and several others are allies and friends of the Samurai Pizza Cats, having assisted them in fights against Quarter's Legion and relatives of the Big Cheese after the comet attack.

Curtis Wildcat #16 --- Fought against Ripper, the lord of his Earth's underworld. Later, Curtis and numerous others---including Ripper and his associates, plus Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Zorak, and a bipedal corporate cog of a lizard named Shreeves---acted out several series of Dilbert and Garfield cartoons for no particular reason. Known informally as the "Ballad of the Idiots" universe among veterans.

Curtis Brown --- From a world of anthropomorphic cats and other critters. Aside from him being a fan of comic book superheroes and having Circe the Cat as a roommate, little is known about him.

Curtis Benson #1 --- Is an ordinary human being, fat, nearsighted, immune-compromised, and has trouble sticking with a diet. His family name has been changed to protect his identity.

Curtis Benson #2 --- See CBe #1. Is a part-time resident of one Phibrizzo Kaden's mind. Unlike what is depicted in some fanfiction, he is more than just a voice in said mind; he has his own chamber in which he lives and keeps an eye on things in the outside world.

Curtis Benson #3 --- A brown tabby felinoid and resident of Kittenoa; lives a more or less ordinary life as a classmate and neighbor of Teasy Melika. Has no superpowers.

Curtis Benson #4 --- A part-time Duel Monsters player. Has entered several regional tournaments, but is not quite good enough to reach the semi-finals in any of them. Much to the surprise of him and the others at Fukufics, Maxamillion Pegasus is well aware of Spamville's denizens.

Curtis Benson #5 --- Works as a server at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Assisted COW-M #1's team in locating Rei's grandson by giving them a map that showed the route from Denver to New York City that they were supposed to take.

Callista Ruby Metallium --- A teenage superheroine known as Sailor Ganymede. Has ice powers focusing around her flute. Is somewhat scatterbrained and ditzy. Has a VERY eccentric mother.

Callista Ruby #2 --- The current arch-nemesis of her world's Sailor Senshi. Is a mild threat compared to most that they have faced, but is strong enough to keep the heroes on their guard. Has no real long-term goals aside from ensuring that her favorite ice cream parlor doesn't get destroyed as a result of her attacks.

Callista Wilson --- A redheaded, enthusiastic and absent-minded teenager from the universe of one "Nimble Leaf". Has a job as a papergirl, and often has to deal with such things as runaway lawn mowers, breakdancers, and oversized dust devils in her line of work. This has given her the ability to go just about anywhere on her bike, even some places that should be outright impossible to reach by pedaling alone. Is best friends with a skateboarder named Awesome Earl.

Calico Bridges #1 --- A normal-type Pokemon trainer from Black City and member of Unova's Elite Four, having replaced Shauntal. Despite her strength, her negative virtues---laziness and uncaringness for few things beyond alcohol and music---have deprived her of that extra 'oomph' needed to become the Champion.

Calico Bridges #2 --- A second-year duelist at Duel Academy. Is currently in the Ra Yellow dorm. Favors a Water deck headlined by Mobius the Frost Monarch.

Calico Bridges #3 --- See CBr #2. Has tri-colored hair (orange, black, and white). Is actually royalty, but keeps her status hidden from her classmates in order to better focus on her dueling.

D.F. --- Short for "Get that D--- Fairy Out of the Kitchen!". Works as one of Remilia Scarlet's many fairy maids, but like the rest of said maids is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Has a cowardly streak.

Kurthish --- A mazoku from the universe of CW #8, created by Phibrizzo before his imprisonment. He has the distinction of being able to resist positive feelings and emotions that are used against him. Has a substantial amount of power, but still ranks well below Xellos on the totem pole. He and one of his fellow mazoku were both "convinced" to keep outside threats from harming Lina Inverse after their boss was taken away.

Risk --- Experienced Spamville in her youth, but did not enjoy it as much. The person who would later become Risk attained high-level reality warping powers---and, in turn, immortality---and later traveled the multiverse, eventually forming the Game Masters with some that she met along the way.

Total variants: 38


(1) Quarter's Legion is the Kittenoan equivalent of the Legion of Doom, as seen in the old "Superfriends" cartoon, and as such consists of a half-dozen of the most notorious and dangerous criminals of his generation; they were captured and "brought down to normal" not long after their first encounter with Wildcat. Shan was originally a schoolmate of Curtis's that got mutated as well, choosing to oppose him for the sake of a childish rivalry; his attacks grew more infrequent as they both grew up until finally they stopped altogether.

(2) Those viewing this file from the outside might assume we are referring to the Sailor Senshi. This would be incorrect. Their civilian names and personalities are more in line with the original English dub of said anime.

(3) The "kat" (as in "Swat Kats") version of Washu, to put it simply. The one in the Sea of Chaos is, too, a clone.

(4) In contrast to CW #3, the Senshi of this universe are exactly that, with their first meetings changed appropriately.
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