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[Writing] Behind the Scenes: Infinite Defense Archives

Postby AmbushCat » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:39 pm

First, some background music for the road. Now, then:


Infinite Defense Archival Listing

I rediscovered an old file on my computer, and since I have little else to do while trying to recover my old energy, I decided to touch it up a bit, update it and post it here. Not much to say about that otherwise.


This is the archival listing of the majority of Super-Cats who reside or work at the Infinite Defense's main HQ. Some individuals in-universe requested to be unlisted as well; as such, the list here includes 109 out of a possible 186, give or take.

Entries consist of the person's name, occupation (if any), and a short description of their abilities and/or useless trivia. Sub-groups and teams will be listed first, followed by individuals.

A few of these guys shown have turned up at Muffinville or Spamville in the distant past, and if that's the case I substituted a note to check their dossier down in my character page.

A few of these were created by one of my friends in school (as evident by their profile text), or they are outliers in some way, shape or form; otherwise, everyone in this list are products of my imagination throughout the 1990s. If a few of the names look like something from a grade-school mind, that's probably why. But hey; no one said alien names necessarily have to make sense, right? :D


TEAM NAME: The Radical Cats, or Rad-Cats for short. Known for their individual color schemes and for trying their best to look cool. This is the group that first made contact with Callista's old self in 1994 and got the ball rolling. Since their sisters are the group's freelancers and are not associated with the organization, they are unlisted.

Teasy Melika
See dossier for information.

Chico Melika
Occupation: Pianist
Profile: An orange tabby; uses sound waves as his primary weapon. The oldest of the four. Color scheme is indigo. Can rarely be seen at the Mungojerrie playing piano, though he insists on not being subject to Muffinville's oddities.

Daniel Melika
Profile: Mackeral tabby. The youngest of the four brothers, and the fastest. Leaves trails of fire behind him when he runs. Uses dual modified flamethrowers. Is a frequent sight in the crowd at official NASCAR races. Prefers dark red or maroon.

Rudy Melika
Occupation: Bodybuilder, gym owner
Profile: Felinoid with rare genetics; fur will change color at random every 24 hours. Possesses tremendous strength in such a small frame, capable of waving around skyscrapers like toothpicks. Is the only Super-Cat physically stronger than the planet-busting Zapana. Carries a bracelet filled with eraser-shaped explosives. Likes anything in silver.


Occupation: Grocer
Profile: This Persian wears lightweight body armor and a helmet, both comprised of adamantium and equipped with a small force field. Wholeheartedly believes the best offense is a good defense. Uses a shield as his personal emblem.

Occupation: Part-time secretary
Profile: After being mistreated and left on the streets of Kittenoa, this orange tabby with a chewed tail was adopted by Barrier as a kitten. She has enough strength in her lower legs to mash anything down into the ground. Sees Barrier as a father figure. Uses a hammer as her personal emblem.

TEAM NAME: The Dynamite Twins. Their mercurial moods are legendary in the Infinite Defense, and not even the constant threat of being kicked out is enough to keep them in line. Crossbred between Ragdoll and jaguar parents.

Wildfuse TNT
Profile: Has an explosive temper, and will sometimes go off for no reason at all. Said temper prevents her from holding down any sort of job for long. Taught herself how to use Piccolo's Makankosappo (or Special Beam Cannon) after watching it on television. Has watched every episode of "Dan Vs." a dozen times over.

Lashlight TNT
Occupation: Optometrist
Profile: Can also cut loose at the drop of a hat. Has a bit more tact, and manages the Twins' finances. Has occasional long-winded rants, to the point that she's sometimes used in interrogations because she will not shut up. Those who know of her marvel that she can talk for hours about absolutely nothing at all.

TEAM NAME: The Adventurous Cats. Known for getting into trouble just for the sake of getting themselves out of it. Some say that they've never truly grown up mentally, hence why they never changed their team name as they aged.

Profile: A chubby calico. Loves to eat, and often rolls down paths at full speed. Can turn herself into a living cannonball. Was diagnosed in 2014 as a high-functioning autistic. Is a good-natured fool. Her current main in Smash Ultimate is the Piranha Plant.

Occupation: Window washer
Profile: A Black Maine Coon. Has a no-nonsense attitude, and not much of a sense of humor. Dislikes fighting, but performs well in emergencies. Was reportedly happy after hearing about Ambush's forehead gem, since it meant no one would mistake one for the other anymore.

Occupation: Police detective
Profile: This Chinchilla cat is a master of disguise. Often impersonates other Super-Cats, and sometimes even fictional characters with a high degree of accuracy. Once successfully fooled everyone at a gaming convention into thinking that he was Team Fortress 2's Spy. The group's leader.

TEAM NAME: None. One of the first teams of Super-Cats to operate on Earth prior to the Infinite Defense's founding. Over the course of nearly a decade they lived first in a hideout in Death Valley, then a short stint in Detroit, followed by Orlando, Florida, and finally to Dearborn, Michigan when the Super-Cats first came together as a group.

Profile: Hedgehog erinacoid. Afraid of nothing except spiders. Is a massive fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, but since the spines on his head and back are smaller and not as sharp as Sonic's, he normally uses the spikes on his shoes to do damage. Specializes in kick-based attacks, mostly because of Aldonza's influence. Can also achieve brief bursts of speed when the situation calls for it, despite not having superspeed as a primary ability. The fur on his chest forms his initial. The team's leader.

Occupation: Construction worker
Profile: His three tails grant him flight capabilities. The time spent with his psychopathic family has turned this color-changing cat (same as Rudy Melika) into quite the escape artist, something which has gotten his team out of countless jams. Loves buttered toast. Hates the fact that he was named after a fast-food item.

Aldonza Karate
Profile: See her profile for information.

Zapana Zquor
Profile: See her profile for information. Is technically not a member of the I.D., but requested to be mentioned anyway due to her maintaining ties with them.

TEAM NAME: Super Sisters. Met up as kittens, formed a fast friendship, and are so close they might as well be considered siblings, hence their name.

Bat Kitten
Occupation: Earplug salesperson
Profile: Abilities a match for Batman, including his high level of preparation, but lacks the depressing backstory and detective's mind. Has fantastic agility. Loves pinball, and at one arcade she held several high scores for years.

Supergirl Cat
Profile: Alien yellow tabby felinoid from the Kittenoa-verse's equivalent of Krypton. Abilities a match for Supergirl, albeit to a lesser degree as she is physically weaker than Rudy Melika and Zapana. Lacks the weakness to kryptonite, but is still susceptible to offensive magic. Is addicted to cappucino. One of the local alleys never lets her forget that she accidentally broke a bowling ball by dropping it on her foot.

Cloak Crash
Profile: Fishing cat felinoid. Can plow through boulders or most steep hillsides with no trouble, driving straight through them like a car on a long stretch of interstate. Despite appearances, she's the brains of this particular team. Cannot sing due to being tone-deaf.

TEAM NAME: The Floating Felines. The I.D.'s most powerful swimmers. Are at their best in rainy weather and flooded conditions, making them excellent for search-and-rescues in the latter.

Tom Floazal
Occupation: Aquarium owner
Profile: Turkish Van felinoid. Is able to breathe underwater. Skin and fur become brittle when exposed to warm air for long periods of time, requiring he and his brother to live in a specialized fish tank with temperatures around 50°F. Can shoot powerful jets of water out of his paws.

Timothy Floazal
Profile: Tom's twin, and has the same "must live in water" requirement; nonetheless fascinated by mechanical devices. By proxy, invented a self-enhancer that allows himself and Tom to stay out of water for longer periods. Can shoot acid bubbles out of his tail or paws. The brothers have been known to team up with Storm Cat on occasion.

TEAM NAME: Somali & Somali, Attorneys-at-law. Will refuse to take a case if they suspect dishonesty or greed in whoever wants to hire them. Are fans of the comic book hero Daredevil. The both of them look like long-haired Abyssinians, hence their last name.

Slam Somali
Occupation: Consultant, lawyer
Profile: Callista's smart-alek consultant in the style of the comic-strip character Dogbert. Can toss diskettes like shuriken, and continues to use them despite technology having advanced since he began.

Slom Somali
Occupation: Consultant, lawyer
Profile: Slam's twin brother. Likes Groucho Marx more than Dogbert. Master of the paper cut, and sharpens official documents. Rumor has it he taught Aldonza's mother how to weaponize her checkbook.

TEAM NAME: The Husky Gang (formerly the Husky Puppies). A gang of thugs who, while still young, voluntarily became heroes in order to support their parents. Rough on the outside, but big softies on the inside and don't you dare talk about it. Age, time and circumstances have reduced their number to three as assorted members have parted ways.

Occupation: Saxaphonist
Profile: Husky-Alaskan Malamute caninoid mix. Believes that opera is the stain of civilization. Sometimes helps a local band with musical covers. Specializes in stopping occasional gang wars in large cities. The team's leader.

Occupation: Comic artist (alias: Max Coswell)
Profile: Won't take no for an answer, even when left with no other option. The oldest of the three, but also the most immature. Has been blasted by critics for his comics not making sense, though he has claimed that said comics are intended to be surreal.

Profile: The youngest of the three. Tends to drift from job to job, and isn't sure what he wants out of life. Is rather thoroughly immune to poison, and is sometimes used as a food taster by those that are truly paranoid.

TEAM NAME: None. These three are video game nerds through and through, and got their names because they enjoyed playing the arcade game "Tempest" when they were young; Pulsars, Flippers, and Fuseballs are all enemies in said game. In addition, "Red Wing", "Bruin", and "Blue Bomber" are all names of hockey teams, the latter one being Kittenoa-based.

Red Wing Pulsar Tempest
Profile: Red tabby with the ability to shoot lightning. Can amplify his power during stormy weather. Addicted to "The Legend of Zelda".

Blue Bomber Flipper Tempest
Profile: Russian Blue. The Tempest brothers' resident techie. Unless he's asleep or working with something technological, he never stays still for more than a second. A fan of the "Megaman" series of games, though when asked about any connection to his name he says it's just a coincidence.

Bruin Fuseball Tempest
Profile: Has greenish-yellow fur due to a genetic mutation. Can throw energy bombs that seem to creep along the floor for a while before exploding. Is the quiet type. Is heavily into "Super Mario Bros." Is HQ's champion at the Super Mario Maker games.

TEAM NAME: The Power Cats. Imagine the original Power Rangers without all the practiced dialogue and the cheap hand-to-hand fights against manufactured monsters, and you've got a pretty good idea what these guys are like. Their combined robots transform into the mighty Lightning Thunderzord, but for a lack of building-sized opponents on Callista's home Earth, they only use it to scare off small-time crooks on Kittenoa nowadays--which most in the Infinite Defense agree is the textbook definition of overkill.

Rusty Point
Profile: Leader of the group. Likes karaoke and weight-lifting. Commands Zord Spark.

Occupation: Electrician
Profile: Plays soccer in her spare time. Is the Kittenoan equivalent of lactose-intolerant. Commands Zord Volt.

Profile: Stubborn to a fault, forcing others to intervene on his behalf. Is leery of Aldonza for unknown reasons. Commands Zord Cloud.

Profile: Endlessly playful and energetic. Calls herself "The Queen of Seven-Eleven". Is sick of people asking her to play "Undertale". Commands Zord Light.

Profile: Prides himself on his stamina, and can be counted on for almost anything. Is the only member of the team that likes alcohol. Commands Zord Infra.

Occupation: Cameraman
Profile: Much like Spinez, he's very reliable--though he channels that reliability into his work ethic instead of his crime-fighting. Commands Zord Circuit.



Callista O. Wilson-Metallium
No introduction needed.

Beavis Cat
Profile: A total fool. Spends a lot of time with BB Cat. Always wears a T-shirt just for the sake of pulling it over his head when he becomes high on caffiene. Is obsessed more with human terminology and immature innuendo than is really healthy. If you hear a constant muted snickering in the background, he's nearby.

BB Cat
Profile: Again, a moron. Will taunt anyone within taunting range. Gained infamy for being the only one stupid enough to try making a pass at Zapana Zquor, of all people, as well as surviving the attempt. He and Beavis Cat are both aware that they're fools and take advantage of said idiocy when it comes to delaying the escape of criminals, and they have a higher catch rate than you'd expect. For that alone, the Infinite Defense is willing to tolerate their behavior.

Stupid Cat
Profile: Has the IQ of a slug. Does not even know his own age. A monitor on HQ's 3rd floor displays the dumbest comment he makes each week. His lack of brainpower is like kryptonite to telepaths and logical people throughout the multiverse, to the point that it qualifies as his superpower; reportedly, he's able to make Psycho Kitten violently ill just by being in the same room.

Stupid Kitten
Profile: His IQ is even lower than Stupid Cat's, and it is believed (but not proven) that they are both functionally immortal. Prefers yarn to video games. Was once believed to be autistic before it was stated that this was an insult to autistic people.

Profile: Maine Coon. Can generate enormous typhoons and tornadoes that dwarf those of Aldonza's, but has less specialized training. Keeps Dodge Cat in line. Changed his name from "Hellet" and started dyeing his fur brown after some superstitious conspiracy theorists tried to use him as proof that black cats were satanic by their very existence.

Dodge Cat
Profile: Combines good agility with armor forged out of titanium and some basic martial arts. Often takes things the wrong way, which frequently lands him in hot water without Helet's intervention.

Monste Pawer
Occupation: Technician, network engineer
Profile: Gray timber wolf caninoid. Gigantic computer geek, and a walking "The Simpsons" guru. All that can be said, really.

Occupation: WNBA pro basketball athlete (human disguise; alias Julia Hanburg)
Profile: Normally mild-mannered grey fox. Typically doesn't leave the Mansion grounds unless it's related to her career. Has known Aldonza, Zapana, Monste and Kurhe since junior high. Had to learn some martial arts from Aldonza to help her fight. Is the "cool big sister" type of person.

Profile: Not the brightest bulb on the block, and has an intense curiousity about everything. A coyote caninoid who prefers to be alone. Doesn't understand that he's not supposed to pity the Road Runner.

Brain Cat
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Profile: Once a normal mackeral tabby, now possesses a great degree of knowledge and intelligence with a dash of immaturity. Doesn't like Callista too much. Is Psycho Kitten's brother. Split from the Infinite Defense almost 20 years ago with no small degree of animosity, and even became an antagonist for a time, but he is still considered part of their roster because he feeds them any useful information he stumbles across. Has mellowed out since his retirement from the public eye.

Psycho Kitten
Profile: Enjoys golfing. See her dossier for more information.

Damager Cat
Profile: Also has a great I.Q. Favorite games include "Stratego" and "Risk". Meets up with Risk herself twice a year to challenge himself at strategy games. Callista's second-in-command prior to her resignation from the I.D., and now runs the group himself. Starts acting like retired wrestler Iron Sheik when under stress.

S.D. Brain Cat
Profile: Origin unknown. Does not like the "normal" Brains (including Psycho Kitten) at all. Spends a lot of time reading mysteries and doing logic puzzles. Has listened to the entire "The Shadow" radio series forwards and backwards.

S.D. Brain Kitten
Occupation: Sales clerk
Profile: Origin unknown. Does not like being the center of attention, hence the lack of information available on him.

K.C. Cat
Profile: Lion felinoid. Extremely dangerous. Does not like company unless it's on his own terms. A murderer who was captured by the Infinite Defense early in the group's existence (which should give you an idea of what his first initial is), and was forced to work off his parole with them ever since. Has no feelings either way about his current assignment. Is HQ's resident "Lord of the Dance".

K.C. Kitten
Profile: Lion felinoid. Likes other people, but very volatile nonetheless. Not a murderer like his companion, but still implicit in his crimes regardless. While he has a few friends at HQ, most of the staff avoids him like the plague---and he couldn't be happier.

Fireball Sizello
Occupation: Musician
Profile: One of Thunderball Visello's two nephews. Likes calling him up just to annoy him with his guitar music, and is probably the only one allowed to troll him. Is surprisingly very slow-tempered despite his blazing skillset.

Waterball Wavello
Profile: The other of Thaddea's nephews. Is mute; even texts sent from his smartphone are conspicuously empty, consisting of nothing but ellipses. If he's upset, he'll let his targets know by drenching them. Is best friends with Ambush's daughter Ellen, of all people, and periodically gets into long conversations about nothing with her over the phone.

Donatello Karate
Occupation: Airport security guard
Profile: Aldonza's older brother. Has the same basic abilities as she does (superspeed, laser eyes and martial arts), but is less outgoing and has less specialized training. Still protective of who he considers to be the "baby" of the family, even knowing that she's married with a family of her own and can trounce him in a straight fight.

Fliplash Zquor
Profile: Zapana's brother. Has none of her Fenrir Blood-based abilities, but otherwise has a similar skillset. Is on loan to the Infinite Defense from one of Callista's friends back on Earth.

Profile: Whopper's brother. Is never sure of what direction the I.D. is heading in. Has similar abilities to Whopper, and isn't too fond of his own name either. Also works for the human mentioned above.

Ambush Cat
Like Callista, he needs no introduction.

Storm Cat
Occupation: Part-time meteorologist
Profile: A deranged calico felinoid; by deranged, we mean he has dark orange, blue and white fur. Can cause storm clouds to form over any spot he chooses, thus ensuring his peace and security. Is good at predicting the weather, though part of that is because he can cause it in the first place.

Profile: The former leader of a gang of Arctic foxes. Good friends with Aldonza. Her room at the Mansion is heavily air-conditioned, as she thoroughly detests Michigan's summertime heat. Is easily moved to tears, though this is less because of angst and more that she's very emotional.

Occupation: Auto mechanic
Profile: Another member of the Arctic gang. Is an expert with almost any vehicle on the planet. Is the one responsible for servicing the I.D.'s older equipment, some of which has been in use since the group's formation. Has a set of scars above one eye where she was clawed by a frightened squirrel.

Saturn Eunice
See dossier.

Silver Arrow
Profile: Silver tabby felinoid. Thanks to a time anomaly, was raised during Europe's Middle Ages before being discovered by Timer. Works undercover in order to break up crime rings. Has a somewhat mercenary attitude, which came from a tough childhood. Never feels comfortable unless his claws are sharpened. Gives motivational speeches in his spare time, reminding people that being able to read isn't something to take for granted.

Occupation: Scientist
Profile: Carries a machine on his back that allows him to travel back and forth in time with his thoughts alone. The time machine is compatible with a great deal of the I.D.'s spacecraft, and served as the basis for the Chrono Drive MK. II used in some of their designs--but he's quick to point out that it's not Spamville- or Muffinville-proof. Aced his high school's history tests.

Blast Flash
Profile: A former rogue coyote prankster who dropped out of high school. Dedicated to stopping robberies before they start. Makes it a point to get fast food before watching any sports games. Has season tickets to Detroit Lions games. Thinks she's coolness incarnate when she's really not.

SpeedDemon Kitten
Occupation: Musician
Profile: Brown tabby felinoid. Like Speedy Gonzales on caffeine. Plays a mean guitar. Can often be seen wearing a sombrero for no reason, which has led to jokes from some humans about his supposed ethnicity. What most people don't realize is that he is not Spanish or Mexican, or their equivalents thereof; he just likes the sombrero, and rolls with the jokes because he likes messing with their minds.

Cloak Blackie
Occupation: Waitress at a French restaurant
Profile: A cousin of Cloak Crash. Vain, and let a past victory in Kittenoa's equivalent of the Miss Universe competition get to her head. Became a widow after only seven years of marriage. Is obsessed with her cape; wears it even while working or asleep, which puzzles a lot of people, and after seeing "The Incredibles" she became more cautious about keeping it away from anything that could catch it. Can teleport without any sort of lag in-between both points.

Profile: Tall Cathar alien from the "Star Wars Legends" universe, turning up at HQ during the group's early years. Voluntarily let Brain Kitten (now Psycho Kitten) transform her, giving her orange eyes, red fur, and a long tail; the transformation also enhanced the muscles in her arms, legs, and said tail to the point where they can deflect bullets. Acts as the "tour guide" for newcomers to HQ. No relation to other fictional media.

Atom Cat
Occupation: Scientist and environmentalist
Profile: Silver tabby felinoid with the heart of a scientist and naturalist. Has written several books on wildlife. Does occasional work for a reclusive genius scientist. Has a sharp wit. Is the head of the I.D.'s Neon Advanced Weapons Laboratories, responsible for designing their higher-end equipment and the odd superweapon.

Atom Kitten
Profile: Atom Cat's protege. Has a weak constitution, but his tenacity and willingness to follow in Atom Cat's pawprints make up for it; unlike his mentor, though, he has no desire to go out in space. All the same, those who think he's the Kittenoan equivalent of Scrappy Doo discover first-hand that the I.D.'s current freeze gun model (the Iceinator Pro-4) was designed by him, and he's not afraid to use it.

Vertical Cat
Profile: Gets excellent hang-time whenever he jumps, actively relying on gravity to get the job done. Loves using divekicks. Works for Callista's human friend, but spends half his waking hours at I.D. HQ.

Profile: Combines a high IQ with his high rate of speed, and has gone out of his way to thoroughly understand just how badly Kittenoa's physics standards breaks those of Earth's. Is studying how idiots live. Believes the meaning of life boils down to "staple guns and mortars", whatever that means. Has a severe weakness for candy.

Super Brain Cat
Profile: Brain Cat and Psycho Kitten's uncle. If it's noisy inside Headquarters (which is almost all the time), he usually sleeps on the roof, even in bad weather. Doesn't like parties, so he stays out of HQ on the weekends. Has been known to cackle at and taunt blizzards for no reason during winter.

Super Brain Kitten
Profile: Origin unknown. Likes to insult Stupid Cat just for grins, but is otherwise a nice guy. Is an adult, but as he's a Munchkin felinoid he qualifies as the Kittenoan equivalent of a dwarf. It was once believed that he was the smartest creature on Kittenoa for years before it was finally disproved. Can switch his intelligence on and off at will, protecting himself from the Stupids' tremendous idiocy.

Flame Brain
Profile: A pyromaniac to the core. Wears a pair of specialized bracers in order to keep his abilities toned down. Believes all problems can be solved with increased application of fire, including such problems as "too much fire".

Pyro Paw
Profile: It's because of this guy that we've had to fireproof everything inside Headquarters, and we mean EVERYTHING; whatever he touches increases in temperature for several minutes, and if he's in contact with them for too long they'll catch fire anyway. Changed his name from "Flame Paw" because of the redundancy caused by the two surrounding entries.

Fire Ray
Profile: Yellow tabby. Has similar abilities to Flame Brain, with the main difference being his lack of an obsession with fire. For some reason he likes to swim; Ambush Cat once tricked him into turning a swimming pool into a sauna as a practical joke. Is heavily into new-age music.

Tractor Beam Cat
Profile: Like his name implies, he can keep enemies from retreating by using his abilities. Usually shows up at the last second. Infamous at HQ as a procrastinator. Frequently channels the character "Wally" from the Dilbert comics, including his love for coffee and general lack of respect for his superiors.

Crystal Hartt
Occupation: Janitor
See his dossier for information.

Colon Punctuation Mark
Profile: German Shepherd caninoid. Once worked as a servant for a race of desert-dwelling lizard creatures before being rescued by Aldonza and Zapana. Spends more time thinking than fighting, sometimes to the point where he gets lost in his own little world.

Blip-Crasher Zquor
Profile: Zapana's young cousin. Spawns his own Mega Man 2-esque Crash Bombs fueled by the caffeine in the soda he drinks, and can even eat said bombs for a boost (and according to him, they taste like Sweet Tarts candy). Has an ultra-powerful shield (capable of withstanding almost anything) that only flickers off when his eyes are closed, which is why he sleeps and blinks as little as possible.

Machine Gun Cat
Profile: You figure out his specialty yourself. Is used specifically for intimidation purposes; otherwise, he stays in his room and watches cartoons. Is a fan of Puffy Amiyumi. Is a member of the NRA.

Jellicle Cat
Profile: Can sing sound waves that can shatter windows a hundred miles away if left uncontrolled. Like his name suggests, he likes Cats and rarely ever misses an advertised performance; in fact, getting him to do so is the best way to turn his wrath on you.

Jellicle Kitten
Profile: Tuxedo-furred. Follows Jellicle Cat around; is more of a supporter than an actual fighter. Is an extremely heavy sleeper; application of pain is pretty much the only thing that can wake her up, as blasting an airhorn next to her head doesn't even make her twitch. It is believed that she is able to shut off her own hearing at will.

Crazy Cat (no relation to the comic character)
Occupation: Pastry chef
Profile: Keeps a massive supply of pies (of all flavors) with him wherever he goes just for the sake of throwing them at bad guys or random people, often accompanied by a taunt. If Ambush throws a pie at someone, odds are that CC was the one who gave it to him to start with.

Profile: Crazy Cat's mother. Has all of her son's traits, with Brain Cat's mental faculties thrown into the mix. Be very afraid.

Occupation: Grocery store employee
Profile: Basically your prototype Super-Cat: has super-speed, but not much else. Is rather ordinary on the whole, to the point where it's easy to lose him in a crowd; compare to the average Kittenoan, who tends to be very distinctive. The I.D.'s fondness for alternate universes and dimensional travel led to him becoming friends with Chad Vader over their occupation.

Profile: Has double the speed of his above-mentioned brother. An auto-racing fan, albeit not to Daniel Melika's extent. Grins like a lunatic at monster truck shows. Like his brother, he's more ordinary than expected for his species.

Profile: Labrador Retriever caninoid. Her electrical abilities surpass Red Wing Pulsar's, but it's pretty much evened out since she can't amplify her abilities in stormy weather. Computers and high technology don't like her for some reason, so any Internet surfing has to be done by proxy.

Peppermint Cat
Profile: So named because everything she eats has a degree of pepper or salt on it. Can actually melt steel with her breath, and she loves using this ability on guns. Dislikes ice (and Crystal Hartt by association), and along with it cold drinks of any kind; she's among the few at the HQ who actually enjoys warm soda pop.

Score Cat
Occupation: Elementary school gym teacher
Profile: Carries around an electronic scorepad with very bizarre abilities; not only does it grant him different abilities according to the score displayed, but it will also allow him to transform into a Hulk facsimile if the right combination is entered. First scorepad he had was made with plastic and laminated paper, and he only upgraded for the sake of getting with the times.

Invincibility Cat
Profile: Is nigh-unstoppable thanks to a passive energy field that can successfully tank anything short of a universe buster and keep on going. Hasn't felt pain of any kind since he was a kitten. Prefers preventing theft just to see the looks on the faces of those who try to attack him but fail. Has ordinary strength and speed otherwise and uses one of the I.D.'s Jazz-model Airboards to get around, and favors iron bats when confronting criminals. Was recently discovered during a brief sojourn to Muffinville that his shield effectively negates reality-warping magic of all types as well.

Invisibility Cat
Profile: Can only be seen if covered in paint or plastic. We have no idea what he really looks like: aside from his voice, everything about him is permanently cloaked, including his heartbeat heat signature and personal aura. Loves using his powers to prank trick-or-treaters each October.

Bounce Cat
Profile: Can turn into a ball and bounce up to a height of 500 feet, making him ideal for such things as search-and-rescue work. Works for Curtis's human friend.

Spring Cat
Profile: Can leap 260 feet from a standing start, to say nothing of how far he can go when he runs. Has a thorough understanding of video game-related jump physics and has incorporated them into his abilities, allowing him to alter his trajectory as he pleases. Is more serious than his powers would have you think.

Gamma Cat
Profile: Has the ability to shoot gamma rays from his hands, though any effects they have on people are only temporary. Is the administrator of the I.D.'s primary shipyards.

Ryder Rambo
Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire
Profile: Has a reputation as a tough customer. Has a soft spot for kids. Loves action movies. Has thoroughly embraced the concept of Chuck Norris Facts.

Rambo Kitten
Profile: Follows Ryder Rambo around. Is essentially the mercenary equivalent of a golf caddy, but he is still not to be underestimated. Is a fan of Michael Bay.

Carlos Cosmos
See his dossier.

Submarine Cat
Occupation: Curator and owner of hidden museum/seaport
Profile: Obsessed with sea-faring craft. His museum is filled with the aforementioned craft, ranging from a working submarine to a functional replica of a Spanish galleon. Makes periodic attempts to locate Atlantis, despite reminders from Callista that it exists only in myth on her home Earth.

Baseball Cat
Occupation: Professional baseball athlete (human disguise; alias Henry Benson)
Profile: Exactly what it sounds like. Generally prefers skill over power, as his home run totals are terrible while his average is frequently among the league leaders.

Basketball Cat
Profile: Exactly what it sounds like. Spends a lot of time on playground basketball courts entertaining kids. Practices with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Football Cat
Occupation: Professional American football athlete (human disguise; alias Wren Sawyer)
Profile: Exactly what it sounds like. Also sometimes acts as a substitute referee.

Hockey Cat
Occupation: Professional hockey athlete (human disguise; alias Terry Lans)
Profile: Exactly what it sounds like. Trademark shot is the knucklepuck, in defiance of natural laws.

Brunt M. Flayer
Profile: Is immune to psychic attacks of all types. The tentacles that grow out of his arms help him to adjust the level of activity in his opponent's brain via contact with the skull. Gained his name in part because of an enemy seen in Nethack.

Profile: Brown tabby. Possesses ridiculously long claws. Those claws, something to hook them on, and a stubborn streak means that you can't just drag her off anywhere. Is a bigger fan of X-23 than of Wolverine.

Black Bomber
Profile: A walking munitions storehouse. Rumor has it that this guy has a subspace pocket full of cartoon-style spherical bombs hidden in his shirt sleeve. Frequently tells humans who mistake his name for something racist that if they can't understand what context is, they shouldn't be active members of society.

Profile: A former criminal doctor. Is very persuasive and smooth-talking. Can actually use sound waves to push stuff out of her way. Known for her sarcastic, deadpan way of speaking. At 92 years (Kittenoans take twice as long to age as humans), she is the oldest Super-Cat currently with the team at present. Despite her name she is a cream-colored felinoid instead of the dog breed, but it hasn't done her appearance any favors; the expression "butter face" applies more to her than it does most Kittenoans. Was popular and beautiful enough in her youth to be considered a top candidate for Kittenoa's Miss Universe.

Profile: Runs at 35 MPH; seems quick to humans, but downright sluggish to everyone else. Drastically slows down the speed and reaction time of anyone he's in contact with, including those capable of breaking lightspeed. Splits his working hours between Callista and her human friend.

Shila Jameson
Occupation: Snowboarder and Olympic-level skier
Profile: Gray tabby. Self-taught ninja, and is incredibly acrobatic. Had a crush on Wildcat, but any chance of him reciprocating was doomed by three factors: his self-enforced celibacy, his transformation into Callista, and Kittenoa's strict laws regarding romantic relationships. Nowadays she opts to support her from afar instead, her anger at Calli's acquisition of the Brotherhood notwithstanding. Is terrified of rollercoasters and deals with a chronic case of motion sickness that's borderline incapacitating.
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