Behind The Scenes: Out, You Demons of Stupidity!

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Behind The Scenes: Out, You Demons of Stupidity!

Postby AmbushCat » Mon May 15, 2017 9:40 pm

On various occasions, I've mentioned a place called "St. Dogbert's Hospital" in connection with some of Muffinville's chaotic events. Since it isn't really a place that can be 'visited', per se, I figured I'd talk about it here instead of listing it in my character sheet.

St. Dogbert's Hospital is a treatment/recovery facility in downtown Muffinville, as you'd expect. It runs about six stories high, spans most of five acres (not counting the parking lot), and is backed and funded by... well, no one really knows, including me. ()^_^ The front entrances have statues of St. Dogbert standing outside.

Of note is that the Hospital is fully prepared to deal with the fallout of Muffinville's madness. Two examples: One wing of the building is colored and coded "Scarlet", signifying that the denizens being treated there were victimized by Callista Wilson-Metallium. Most of these people include incubi, succubi, perverts, people who get between her and her markets of choice, and those whom Callista feels don't respect her morals (most of those in this category deliberately act like this just to provoke her). Another wing is coded "Tie-Dye" and is where most of those who are injured as a direct result of their Colors are treated, though at times this overlaps with Scarlet.

Rumors persist that the staff of St. Dogbert's Hospital place heavy stock in karma, but as of now those rumors are unconfirmed.
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