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Nos Writes Something

Postby Nosnits » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:46 pm

March 28, 2014.
Gender Studies 302, 3:45 PM.

Gender studies had not been the most exciting class that Keith had taken this term. Although they had covered a few interesting subjects during the term, it had been altogether lackluster. The prof was finishing up her lecture, another droning affair, when her voice changed. Keith glanced up, hands hovering above his bluetooth keyboard. Leaning against the wall, he looked at the professor curiously.

“Class,” She said, the professor pushing her glasses up as she spoke, “Now that I have finished the final chapter we will be covering this year, I would like to remind you of the end of term project.” Keith had completely forgotten about it. He was busy enough with the classes that he had considered important, that it had slipped his mind. “I am sure none of you have forgotten this assignment.” She continued, her eyes sweeping the room. By the blank looks of everyone in the class, it was obvious that they had. “You must do two weeks of work experience, and write an essay about it. The topic is ‘The Difference in Gender Roles at the Workplace.’”

One girl, Keith couldn’t remember her name, put her hand up and spoke before the teacher could continue. “What if we don’t have a job? I won’t be able to find one before school ends.”

The professor coughed, frowning slightly. “I was getting to that, please let me finish before you ask questions.” She said curtly. “If you don’t have a job, I have arranged a deal with one of the local restaurant owners in town. She has agreed to give two weeks worth of employment for every student in my class. Pick up one of the letters from the front desk when you leave and go in to see her over the weekend, and she will set you up. Those that already have jobs must write on the period of the next two weeks. These must be new observations that you make, not old ones. This is worth 20% of your mark. There is no word limit, but try to bring up facts we used in the course to backup your experiences. Treat this like your final exam, and put everything you have learned in the course into this.”

“Since we have finished covering the textbook, and since there will be no final, you will not have to come to class for the next two weeks. If necessary, use this time to get your work experience. I will be holding office hours in lieu of classes. Remember, you agreed to do this when you registered for the course. Thank you for your attentiveness this term, and I wish you all good luck at the job.”

No Gender Studies class for the rest of the term. That much was good. On the other hand, he needed to get a job. Keith lived off of grants, scholarships and help from his parents, so he had never gotten one. Pulling up the syllabus on his tablet, he found that it had been listed there afterall. There was a general lull after this weekend. Most of the assignments due would be handed in on Monday, and he had finished most of them as it was already. Keith could finish them up on Saturday, then pop down to town on Sunday and talk to the owner of the restaurant. Most of the classes would be review until exam period anyways, so Keith could work a decent amount of shifts to get the data needed for the essay. Packing up his tablet and keyboard, he grabbed one of the letters from the desk and put it in his brown satchel. Slinging the strap over one shoulder, he headed out the door and to the campus caf.

Campus Residence, Room 243, 5:05 PM.

Keith dropped his bag in the corner of his room. He had to tidy up a bit before his parents gave a call. He opened up his laptop, then took off his black, checker-patterned sweater. He left his grey dress shirt on, top button undone, as he began to tidy up. His parents always called at a little after five, and he wanted his room to be presentable. That meant picking up all the discarded shirts and putting them in the laundry basket, making his bed, and tidying up his desk. The bathroom could wait until after the call, of course. Keith checked himself in the mirror. His short, brown hair was starting to grow a bit. He’d need to get it cut soon. Perhaps he could use the money from the restaurant to pay for it. In the other room, he heard a chime from his laptop, the familiar notification sound from Skype.

"Hey mom, dad." Keith said at the computer. "Where's Rosie?" He tried to glance around his parents shoulders, but he couldn't see the little girl. "Oh, she's off packing for Sparks camp. I'm taking her tomorrow, remember?" His mom replied. Actually, the man had not remembered that. He kept most of his schooling stuff in his head, and had little time to remember much else. He nodded nonchalantly. "Of course, of course." He lied, "Could you go fetch hee for me? I really need to finish my this essay."
His mother ran off, leaving him alone with his father. Keith grated his teeth in anticipation. "Son." His dad said flatly. "You are keeping up your studies?" Keith gave an apprehensive nod. "Yes fath-" Before he could continue, his dad cut in. "Name the five figures associated with the Period of the Five Emperors."

Keith gave a small sigh, but recited from memory. "Pertinax, Didius Julianus, Pescennius Niger, Clodius Albinus and Septimius Severus." His father gave a nod. "Good, but watch your pronunciation, it is about to slip."
Keith gave a glare at the screen. "Dad, can you please stoo this? You don't need to do it anymore!"
His father leveled back a glare equal to his own. "Marcus Aurelius," His father said patronizingly, taking off his glasses and idly wiping them off. "I do not know why you choose to take such useless subjects. As long as I am paying for your university, however, you will keep up your studies as I have told you. Did you get that new book I sent?" His father kept a nonchalant look on his face as he looked back through the screen.
Keith had recieved the package, but hadn't opened it. His father had a habit of sending him new academic books on ancient Rome. He had a little stack of the books ina corner of the room, out of sight from the camera. "Yes, I'll read it when term ends." Keith said, anger seeping into his voice. "But I told you already, my name is not Marcus Aurelius, it's Keith! I don't care about ancient Rome!"

His father loooed about like he was about to explode, but he heard a voice in the background. "Marc! Hey!" Came the shout of the young girl. His father gave a frown. "We will talk later." He said flatly, before vacating the seat to the little girl. "Marc!" Rosie said again, cheerfuly, "I'm going camping tomorrow! It's going to be so fun!" He let her call him that, because she was his little sister, and she was too young to understand. Keith relaxed a bit in his chair, a slight smile gracing his face. "I heard!" He said, "What'cha going to do there?"

He let his six year old sister go on. He had been a little jealous when she was born when he was 14, but he was also relieved that he was no longer an only child. He came to understand later that her birth came as quite a surprise to everyone. But, things happen, and Keith relished the chance to be an ooder brother. She had her mother's red hair, and was alwyas cheerful about everything. It had been hard to leave and go to university, but he had to get out to somewhere else for his third year. At least he could see her on Skype, and Christmas dinner had been as fun as ever.
It had to end soon, however. He nodded politely as she spoke, listening with ernest as she described everything she was going to do at camp. He let her go on for five minutes, before he had to cut her off. "That sounds really fun Rosie, but I really gotta go. Tons of homework to do." His sister gave a pout, puffing out her cheeks a bit. "I'll see you next Friday, and you can tell me all about it." The girl gave a giggle and a nod. "Okay Marc, I'll talk to you then!" Keith gave a smile, and a nod. "Say bye to mom and dad for me. Bye!"

Keith waited for her reply, before hanging up the Skype call and shutting his laptop. Giving a small sigh, he stood up from the chair, and glanced around his room. All of it, save for a small stack of books beside the desk, was his and his alone. He reached into his bag, and pulled out his readping package. Plunking down on his bed, he flipped to the readings for his essay. Highlighter in hand, he began treading down the paths of philosophy and political science.

(Minor edits to come later)
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