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[Writing] Whatevr's Ongoing Stories

PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:51 pm
by Whatevr89532
In my lengthy absences from this forum, I didn't stop writing..but I didn't publish what I wrote on the forum. Instead I put the stories I wrote on the blog, where I also keep my captions. Some stories were too interesting to stand alone, so I kept them going, writing a section at a time. So..I thought maybe I'd put some links to those things here and see if I could get any feedback from any MSF folk. they are:

Midas Journal-A story about a guy who, on his eighteenth birthday, gains the ability to turn certain males into very different females on touch..the downside being that the ability is involuntary, and he didn't exactly want it to begin with. The first several of these I used to have in a thread around here, but it's farther enough along on the blog that I'd feel better just pretending the old thread doesn't exist rather than adding all of those to that.

The Magical Day-A second-person ("you"-based) CYOA on a sort-of kind-of hiatus at the moment. Each ending is a tf of some sort, and I have a number of endings written already. I was hoping to get more of it done soon after starting it, but this was obviously a project where I bit off more than I could chew in a short amount of time. I do hope to add more some time, though.

Ring Series-Started out as a planned caption, then I thought maybe it would be a 3-caption series, then I made it a story, then I decided to keep going with it and see what happened next. Starts out simply enough with a few guys hoping to get into an arcade's girls-only free play night.

The "Best" RPG Ever-A fairly basic premise that was knocking around in my head for quite a while before I started. A certain number of guys find, through various means, a CD claiming to contain the best RPG ever on it. When they boot it up on their computer, it pulls them into a fantasy world and turns them into girls who much better fit the world's setting--after they select a class, that is.