Richie Rich brain swap fanfic

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Richie Rich brain swap fanfic

Postby Kris_Roth » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:54 pm

When my friend and I were kids, there was this animated tv series known as Richie Rich. Based off of the comic series, the main character is this really rich kid named Richie. Born Richard Rich, Jr., he is the son of Richard Rich, Sr. and his wife, Regina. They live in a huge mansion. Richie is home-schooled, and has a butler named Cadbury, and a robotic maid, Irona. His best friend is Gloria, the young girl of his age. His chemistry/science teacher is Prof. Keenbean, who invents all sorts of gadgets for Richie to try out. They made 2 movies of this, featuring Macalay Culkin as Richie Rich, and guest starred Reggie Jackson as Richie's baseball coach and Ben Stein as the economics/business ethics tutor. Richie even has a McDonald's in his mansion, plus all the amenities his parents can afford him.

The 2nd movie had Reggie taking over after he tricks Richie into making a wish with Prof. KeenBean's wishing machine to not be born.

Richie also has a mischievious cousin, named Reggie van Dough. Reggie is from Richie's mother's side, and somehow, resents Richie for being rich and spoiled by his parents, who are often neglectful and clueless about Richie wanting to have a "normal" life other than being very rich and generous to his friends.

The story we came up with is that somehow, Reggie lures Richie to Prof. KeenBean's lab with a device that projects a holographic image of Richie's girl friend, Gloria, and then somehow swaps bodies with Richie with a body swap ray device. Now, Reggie is playing pranks on the staff of the Rich Mansion, like giving Cadbury some Joke Gum (makes your tongue black). Of course, Dollar, Richie's dog, knows his master is not himself, and it is up to Richie, in Reggie's body and Gloria to stop Reggie from taking over RichCorp, a business Richie's dad wants his son to administer. They eventually get everything back to normal, using the holographic device to create an image of Reggie's parents and then getting Reggie to admit his evil plans. Prof. KeenBean switches the boys back. I'm sure this plot has been done before, but yeah, it had a happy ending and Reggie was grounded at the end.
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