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Character Development

Postby AmbushCat » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:56 pm

I was taking a look at the second half of the Mungojerrie thread in Muffinville (talk about oldies!), and I got to thinking to myself: "Man, it's amazing just how far these characters had come." Back then, Elk's high-octane energy wasn't yet set in stone, and he had plenty more lucid moments than he does now. Ellen was still suffering from asthma at that point, and she had a difficult time trusting people in general. Compare to now, seeing how Elk is essentially soda pop personified and Ellen's not only the picture of perfect health, but has gotten over most of her personal hangups.

And of course, there's Ambush. Having a family of his--later her--own has mellowed him out to a high degree. I came across an old thread where he only appeared for one post to give everyone a raspberry in total defiance of the thread's plot. Now? Her idea of fun involves sleeping on a couch while her kids are piled on or around her, and the sneak attacks she's known for are less and less commonplace.

In the opposite direction, there's Callista. I reset her powers back to square one in 2007 because I wanted to see what it was like to control a (somewhat) normal character. More than 10 years later, she's theoretically one of the most dangerous mortals on the Muffin Continent in-universe.

And out of necessity, I had to make changes to Zapana's personality a few years after I started using her online. She liked making fun of people without caring if it made them mad at her or not, but after one incident went too far I received a complaint from at least one person on the topic. Nowadays she's much less jerkish, twice as old as she used to be, and prone to giving group hugs if there's at least two people in close proximity to each other.

Character development's a strange thing, isn't it? 8)
It's a trifle, if ever was.
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