Somewhat Special Event: The Extras Talk Back!

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Re: Somewhat Special Event: The Extras Talk Back!

Postby AmbushCat » Thu Apr 18, 2024 10:21 am

*All of the maids except Doris answer her in unison. Phosphora (via Viridi), Ellen and Ezekiel (via Ambush Cat), most everyone else (through Risk), and Goldie can be heard as well.*

(...) You're welcome.

Doris: *yelps; yanks the bus down onto an off-ramp* Hey, watch the noise! I almost missed our exit!

*voice a bit echo-y; sheepishly* Sorry.

*Drew is the first to start cracking up at this. Everyone else starts following suit. Doris huffs and rolls her eyes, but even she can't keep from smiling.*


((OOC: And at long last, I do believe that effectively brings this thread to an end!

Thanks for being patient with me through all this, Ookalf. I know I wasn't really speedy during the last couple dozen pages. ()^_^

I made a recent decision to leave Chris's Bar, since some of the stuff being discussed there leaves me uncomfortable at the best of times. I've re-opened the idea of making my own server, though. I've had a lot of fun since 2007-2008 doing this sort of stuff, and I want to consider ways of continuing it in light of MSF's current state of being. :) You can still reach me at Discord under "CurtisWildcat" if you ever just want to talk. >^_^< ))
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Re: Somewhat Special Event: The Extras Talk Back!

Postby Ookalf » Fri Apr 19, 2024 12:45 am

(Yeah, I saw your last posts in the Bar. Don't really know what else to say, other than I'm sorry things turned out that way...)

(But yeah, I was happy to do one last thing with you! And likewise, if you ever want to reach out to me for anything, I'll probably still be lurking here, however long it lasts, FukuFics, Discord, DeviantArt... I'm Ookalf in all kinds of places!)
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