Shojoko of the Moon Republic(interest/sign up)


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Shojoko of the Moon Republic(interest/sign up)

Postby Kether » Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:53 am

A Long time Ago in A galaxy

*pretend there's a scroll here PRETEND PRETEND HARDER!*

For countless generations the Silver light of the Republic has shown through out the Galaxy, upheld by the power of the Shojoko, eternally youthful maidens who are granted thematic powers by the purity of their soul and the wisdom of their mascot. These Shojoko defended peace and order from countless threats. But sometimes their souls turned Dark and they became the monsters their sisters fought the terrible Youma. Now the Light of the Republic is flickering before the newly returned Youma Empire.

Empress Tokemi, who had betrayed not only the Republic but her own master the Dark Maid Empress, leads this assault Her attacks have decimated forces of the Republic and the Shojoko. Many were killed many have had their crystals go dark and sworn allegence to the Empress and many have just lost all hope whatsoever, their crystals going silent.

In the Tireas system the forces of the Empire have struck hard against one of the last hopes of the Republic, on the Battleship Saki there was a Shojoko with the rare power of the Battle Idol, but the ship has been lost sending it crashing into the planet below now the only hope is perhaps she can be found by surirvors for them ship or people native to the planet all before the Empire can bring its full force against the planet...

*end fake scroll*

So the idea is to riff somewhat on KOTOR with Magical girls, people start as a variety of normal citizens of the galaxy with the potential to awaken as Shojoko while people come in all sorts of shapes through out the galaxy once one has awakened the crystal in their heart their magical girl form will be no more alien than a monster girl, feel free to make up yourown race with the exception of wolfy people I'm having them slot in for Mandelorians, so if you want that that's how it works. There maybe Youma and other sources of Transformation that is meant to be more "Status effect" than long term stuff. Unlike SWs you can have Droid Shojoko because I'm biased that way.

Name: If you don't know what a name is...
Description: how they look at first, include anything you want about race here.
Occupation:Like maid, or bounty hunter, or Solider, of Spy, there's all sorts of options with the idea that you can be scoundrelly but try to be on the heart of gold end.
Magical theme:General sort of magic you'd want the character to look with.
Transformations I'd prefer for Magical Girl State:The long term form they will end up with probably, if say you want to be a busty gothic loli or whatever direction you want to push in hee.
Transformations I'm ok with for being attacked by: Attacks you as a player are ok with having used on you, these are meant to be healable vs extremely extended
Transformations you can't deal with whatsoever: pretty much this, if you can't deal with time as a couch or a bimbo say it here.
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