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Shiori's Captions~ o.o

Postby Restless Lucidity » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:14 pm

Hello~! I'm making this topic specifically for my most recent, and also my first, caption. I may make more in the future, but that's all there will be for a while... probably. But anyway, enjoy, and if I ever do post more, I'll update this thread~ ^_^

The caption itself starts directly below this text and the swishy lines. The picture is on the bottom for you to discover as you read on. ^^

And lastly... don't be afraid to give any criticism, good or bad. I have total faith that anything anyone on MSF says will be constructive, so I won't worry about that~ ^^

Thanks, and enjoy. But be forewarned: this one is intended to be a little sad. It's also potentially disturbing if you don't like mind alterations.


“I’m here, Claire! Sorry I took so long!” A boy of about seventeen with messy brown hair and a tall, not quite muscular form burst into the room.

“It’s about time, Clyde! Next time you’re going to be fashionably late call first, okay? I understand that you’re nervous to show me your costume, but really, how long could it possibly take to…?” The blond-haired, blue-eyed girl turned to face the boy and paused mid-sentence. She covered her mouth to stop herself from giggling. “Oh my God! You weren’t kidding, were you?” The boy blushed, frowned, and looked away from the girl. “I didn’t think that you’d dress up that way just ‘cause I told you to!”

“S-shut up! I didn’t dress up this way for you… I thought it would be fun, too!” He narrowed his eyes at her as she began to giggle more loudly. “But I could just go home right now if you’re just going to be laughing at me all night.” Afterward, her giggles gradually subsided.

“Awww, no need to be upset, Clyde-nyan~” The boy clad in neko ears and formal attire blushed more, and turned from the imposing blond-haired girl in the elaborate princess dress. “Your mistress with stop teasing you now.”

“… you mean it?” He peered at her from over his shoulder.”

“Yes, yes, I mean it. Now, get into character! This is our only chance to rehearse for Halloween!”

“Okay, Claire… I mean… yes, mistress!” The two began to rehearse their roles, Clyde as the butler, and Claire as the demanding princess.

Before too long, they had finished, and were satisfied with their act. They were going to be in-character all night tomorrow, so they had to go to great lengths to prepare. “Alright, butler… I think we can stop for now.”

“Yes, mistress. I’m rather tired now as well.” Clyde smiled, pretending to wipe sweat from his forehead. They sat in silence for a few minutes as they thought of what to do for the rest of the night. After a few moments, Clyde’s mind wandered, and without even thinking, he spoke: “Ah, would mistress like some water?”

Claire giggled. “I am a little thirsty, but I can get it myself.” She gave him a look. “And you know you can stop that now, right?”

Clyde blinked. “I am aware, mistress, but I…” Clyde stopped himself. What was he doing? He knew he could stop saying ‘mistress’ now, but… he was saying it without trying! Maybe he couldn’t stop after all…? Clyde’s heart began to race.

“… seriously, Clyde, cut it out. It’s a little creepy.” Clyde nodded.

“Yes, mistress, it is rather scary… and… I cannot seem to stop.” Claire’s eyes widened… but not for long. She narrowed them again and crossed her arms. “Really, Clyde? I’m not going to fall for that. Stop being dumb.” Clyde shook his head frantically back and forth.

“No, m-… m-…” He tried to breathe, and exhaled. “Mistress, I am not lying! You have my solemn word!” Claire rolled her eyes.

“Geez, you’re even still using your formal speech.” She glared at him and frowned. “Haha, very funny. Now would you…” Her eyes got wide and she sat with her mouth gaping. “… C-Clyde…” He was about to ask what she was talking about, but it was obvious within seconds what she was so surprised by; he felt hair brush the back of his neck, and was able to see hair out of the corner of his eyes, too. He didn’t have bangs, and his hair certainly wasn’t long enough to brush his neck, and… his arms? As he moved his right arm, he noticed that his arm was brushing hair… a lot of hair. It was his hair, too! And it was growing at an alarming pace! It had already reached his back, and he looked on in total shock as it crept further down to reach well past his mid-back. The two looked at each other, and Claire could barely get words out of her mouth. “… what in the world is happening to you…?”

“I… I’m as uncertain as you, mistress…” He still wore a look of disbelief on his face that only seemed to grow as he spoke. “And I cannot seem to refrain from speaking in a sophisticated manner and referring to you as mistress, as I have said. ..” At once, he felt another strange sensation on his head. What was that, exactly? He brushed his head and touched the nekomimi he was wearing… but when he touched them, they didn’t seem artificial at all; they felt quite real, and as he pulled them, he felt those sensations on his own head as well. A red tint appeared on his cheeks, and Claire looked at him with an expression of deep worry. “M-mistress… I think they’re real.” She blinked.

“W-what…? Really…?” She walked over to him and played with his ears. “… oh my gosh… they… I think they are…” As Claire stood there, holding his new ears… the cat ears on his head, the band that the ears were previously attached to seemed to expand and become more wide as bright white frills formed on the edges. Claire cupped a hand over her mouth and stepped back.

“W-what? What is it, mistress?”

“Your headband… has frills…” He lifted his hand to his head to feel the band, and when he did, the blush on his face got even brighter. Before he had time to recover, he began to feel dizzy, and he stumbled to Claire’s bed to sit.

“M-mistress… I don’t feel good…” Clyde held his hand to his forehead as his body seemed to get smaller somehow. It would’ve been hard for him to tell, but it was obvious to Claire… disturbingly so. Clyde went front his original 6’1 to 5’8, then 5’5, and finally, 5’4. He removed his hand from his forehead and looked up at Claire. His thoughts were foggy… he felt like he didn’t know where he was, or why he was here. All of his thoughts were focused on Claire, and looking at her seemed to comfort him.

“… are you okay, Clyde?” He didn’t have a chance to respond before Claire noticed yet another change; Clyde’s tan skin was now an obviously lighter shade of white, his eyes were red… and big! They looked almost… feminine? In fact, his entire visage was beginning to now. His jaw looked smooth and small, and his mouth looked smaller… cuter. In addition, no hair was present anywhere on his face anymore, save for his bangs; his skin was incredibly soft, as Claire realized when she stroked his cheek and gasped yet again. “C-Clyde…!” Tears began to well up in his eyes.

“Mistress, what is going on? Is this a dream? And am I…” He paused. “… am I still changing?” Claire gave him a sheepish nod, and could only watch as still more changes occurred: his shoulders, arms, and hands all slimmed down, becoming petite and soft, just as his face had. His stomach followed suite losing much of its girth. Finally, the changes moved to his legs; they, too, became soft… and even gained a bit of curvature to them at the hips. Clyde’s head wobbled… and gradually, the dizziness he had felt before subsided. “Mistress, what –“ He covered his mouth. His voice didn’t sound masculine any longer, and was much better suited to what he seemed to be becoming.

“O-oh my God!” Claire covered her mouth as well, and Clyde began to sniffle. He was crying now; what had been a few stray tears before was an audible sob. Clyde hugged Claire as he did. “M-mistress… what’s happening to me?” As he hugged her, frills crept down the center of his suit and his sleeves became white with some foofs at the ends. A black lacey ribbon formed on his chest, and another where his pants were combining at the inside edges. As his pants melded together and diminished until they barely reached past his knees, they rose up, and more frills spread across it on the edges and sides. More black laces formed on the newly formed skirt as well; this was no longer a butler outfit, but maid attire, and a girly set at that.

The changes continued as black leggings crawled up his thighs from where they were now tucked in to his shoes, which were now a dark brown with small heels on the back. Clyde became wide-eyed and his blush intensified; his undergarments had changed, and based on how comfortably they seemed to fit her, it was obvious that she was no longer male. She hugged Claire tighter still, and Claire did her best to comfort the sobbing girl. Claire and Clyde both felt as two soft, round bumps pushed out from Clyde’s chest, making her new gender all the more obvious. “Clyde…” Claire looked down at her friend in disbelief; just moments ago this adorable dress-clad girl had been her friend… and very much a man. Now… now she had no idea what to think. However, something more happened to worry her; Clyde’s grip on her loosened, and he ceased to move.

All Clyde could hear was the voice of a giggling girl… a voice that sounded just like his did now. “I love my mistress!” It chanted, “I am happy doing nothing more than serving her.” Clyde didn’t know what to do but fight; but as much as he resisted, it just became stronger, and stronger, and stronger still. In the end, it was she who was giggling, and she who was proclaiming her love for her mistress in her mind. Clyde was no more; the only entity that remained now was Cloe, the happy maid.

Cloe let go of Claire and looked up at her, the brightest smile on her face. “Do I have any chores to complete today, mistress?” Claire looked down at her and blinked.

“W-what…? Clyde, what are you…?” Cloe folded her hands behind her back and smiled at her.

“I am your maid, mistress! I live to serve you and make you happy!” She continued to smile even as tears formed in Claire’s eyes. “Is there anything I can do for mistress today?” Claire embraced Cloe.

“The only thing I could ever ask you to do…” She sobbed now, tears streaming down her face. “… would be for you to let me see Clyde again…”


"Making you happy is my life, Mistress!"
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