DC's Stargirl (CW) Live action

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DC's Stargirl (CW) Live action

Postby Kris_Roth » Sat Dec 10, 2022 9:29 pm

The story of Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl wad featured in her new series. She helps her friends become new heroes and stop the Injustice Society of America from reprogramming minds of innocent people in her town via Project New America, in which the psionic villain Brainwave (Henry King, Sr.) attempted to brainwash everyone in a huge radius from Blue Valley, Nebraska.

This show ran for 3 seasons and introduced or re-introduced the heroes and villains from the DC universe. They defeated Eclipso in season 2 and the Ultra Humanite and Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle in season 3.
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