God Bless America (the Movie) May 11

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God Bless America (the Movie) May 11

Postby Kris_Roth » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:44 pm

There is a new disturbing, yet funny movie from the producer Bobcat Goldwait. This movie is about a man named Frank who is unemployed (female boss accuses him of sexual harassment of a female employee), has a brain tumor, and his daughter would rather have a new iPad than see her father. Frank's health continues to decline as well as his grip on sanity. Frank becomes disillusioned of the popular culture of the day (Reality TV shows, American Idol, etc). He gets so frustrated one night while watching television, and decides he has had enough. Frank gets his gun and goes on a killing spree, killing Chloe, a spoiled rich girl who throws a temper tanrum on the reality TV show My Super Sweet 16 because her parents got her the wrong car (but I wanted an Escalade!) Roxy, a 16 year old student who saw Frank kill Chloe at her school, becomes enfatuated by Frank's randomness and and joins him on his next spree, killing a guy for taking up two parking spaces. Frank kills another guy for video taping at a movie theater and another for talking while the movie previews are going on.
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