Tai Chi Chasers

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Tai Chi Chasers

Postby Kris_Roth » Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:35 pm

They have a new anime out, Tai Chi Chasers, and it is dubbed by the CW4Kids. It is on at 11AM Saturday mornings, right after Dragon Ball Z Kai.

There is a battle between Tigeroids (the protagonists) and the Dragonoids (the main antagonists). The Tigeroids elder, Komurna, sets up a training camp for a new group of adventurers, known as the Tai Chi Chasers. Their mission is to collect the missing Tai Chi characters that appear on cards, which can be swiped into a Tai Chi scanner device.

Rai, the firey co-leader of the Tai Chi Chasers, is a bit hot-headed and uses the element of fire. Sena, the other co-captain, comes from a long line of Tigeroid warriors. Her mother, father and older sisters serve in some capacity in the Tigeroid army. She has a little sister, Hannah, who was invited to become a Chaser, but was deemed too young to join in the adventures. Rai took her place when he went to th Tigeroid training camp. Finn uses Lightning and ice tai chi, and Rokhu uses rock tai chi, and Tori, the youngest member, uses illusion Tai Chi to play pranks on friends and enemies, as well as the tai chi symbol for laughter, which forces an opponent struck by it to uncontrollably start to laugh. The Tigeroid airship has a small tiger like mascot character called Hak. Hak can sense tai chi characters and help divert power to the airship if needed for fast get aways and to get to missions quickly.

The bad guys have a Dragon sidekick character, Dorang (anagram of Dragon). He and Hak seem to know each other, but the other Dragonoids don't like the fraternization of the two. That is next weeks episode, where Hak meets his Dragonoid counterpart and share some sort of friendly past.
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