Alcatraz (Fox Show)

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Alcatraz (Fox Show)

Postby Kris_Roth » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:50 pm

I am currently watching the new Fox show, Alcatraz. It is from the producers of Lost, and stars Sam O'Neil and the guy who9 played Hurley from Lost.

The plot is that the prisoners on Alcatraz Island, off the coast of California, closed in March 1963 due to budget cuts. The prisoners somewhow vanished, but one, Jack Syvlane, has returned to get revenge on the Prison staff/guards who did experiments on him. He is supposed to be 85, but looks like he did in 1963. Jack Sylvane was put in Alcatraz for robbery and murder of a grocery store clerk in 1956. Jack somehow returns to the present day, and is trying to find his relatives in the premiere episode. Jack kidnaps his brother and takes him to his wife's grave. Along the way, the female detective in charge of the case of Jack killing people tracks Jack down.
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