General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Postby Xia » Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:49 pm

General Rules (Applies to all parts of MSF, be they forums or our IRC channels)

    1. The number one rule here is to have fun.
    2. Common courtesy is expected and encouraged. You don't have to like everyone, but your problems with others can be kept to private.
    3. No excessive violence or obscenity. We would like for MSF to be accessible to as great an age range as possible, so please, keep things relatively clean.
    3a. The general exception to this rule is the Muffinverse and the RP room. In the Muffin Room, you can almost say we encourage excessive violence, in fact, it better be more than excessive, it needs to be absolutely ludicrous. Cartoonish levels are perfectly fine. ^_^ The reason for this is that, when it gets to that level, its not serious.
    3b. As for obscenity, the same exception applies, but not as loosely. You're allowed to swear and be obscene, but we still ask that you keep it as clean as possible. You can swear, but that doesn't mean you need to litter your posts with swear words. For RPs, if its a character aspect (or defect :P) its good, but the same common sense limit applies. There are ways to imply your character has one hell of a potty mouth without using the words ^_^
    3c. Objectional material needs to be limited, obviously, to things that can be considered artistic. This will be handled on a case by case basis because people have different ideas over what is "artistic." This is simply serving as a reminder.
    4. No rules will have more than 3 sub rules.
    3d. Taco's rule
    5. Please respect the moderators and the administrators. This is a mostly thankless job they give their time for without compensation (except for seeing ya'll's smiling faces ^_^).
    6. As a general rule, please keep alts confined to RP related rooms. This isn't to say you cant use your alt account to comment in a serious thread, but in that thread you are you, not your alt.
    6a. Please limit the amount of accounts you use (max of four). There really isn't a reason to have an account for every character you use, that's just silly.
    7. Necroposting is frowned upon. If you see an old thread, don't post just because you can. Unless you have something relevant that would bring new discussion to the old friend, leave the dead dead. Not having seen the thread when it was posted is not a good enough excuse to raise it from the dead.
    8. Keep your signatures and avatars within reason. Specifically these reasons: Avatars no larger than 150 x 150, signatures no larger than 200h x 500w. Both of these should also stay under 50k. Remember, just because your computer and internet connection load them fast, does not mean everyone else's will.
    9. All complaints about users and posts need to go to the Moderators in charge of the room or to the Super Mods.
    9a. If you have a complaint about a moderator, report them to the Super Mods/Administrators.
    9b. If there's a complaint about a Super Mod, report it to the Administrators.
    9c. If you have an issue with Xia, move to a different planet. :P
    10. All rules (for all forums) are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

Rules For Roleplaying

    1. No Godmodding. This is the hardest rule to enforce as it is the easiest to break. The reason for this is godmodding is entirely subject to the context of the situation. Keep things in proportion and use common sense. If you think you might be toeing the line, you can always ask, your fellow RPers are not going to crucify you for wondering if your going to far, in fact, that's much preferable to just doing it.
    2. The golden rule applies here. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you ask people not to do something to you, but then do things to others they don't like, don't be to surprised if they resist.
    2a. You are still liable for things said "in character." The excuse "oh that's just how my character is" will not be an accepted reason.
    2b. The same, obviously, applies for conversation carried out "out of character."
    3. You do not have to agree on a TF/TG or any change made on your character from an outside source. They are all completely dependent on your approval, no matter what anyone might tell you. This isn't to say you have to get an agreement before you TF someone, just that no body has to let you TF them.
    3a. As a side note, do not hide behind this rule. While we cannot enforce this, its just annoying and irritating to use it to refuse any and all TFs. Simply put, this is a community based around TF, so you do know what you're getting into. If you do not want your character to get TFed, do not involve them in situations that will result in a TF.
    3b. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Don't expect people to keep RPing with you if you hand out TFs but refuse to be TFed
    3c. Do not make a ruckus about what happens to other people, even if they express disquiet about what has happened to them. That is between them, the TFee, and a moderator.
    4. Roleplay where appropriate. This isn't to say roleplaying is only allowed in certain areas, but it is disallowed in certain areas and limited in others.

IRC Specific Rules

    1. If an RP gets going and starts getting involved and large, please move it to another room so that the rest of the room can function.
    2. Bots are not permitted.
    3. A lot of IRC Clients have built in scripts that do a variety of things (announce music and what not). These are perfectly fine, but don't spam them.
    4. Register a nickname. We spend most of our time on the DynastyNet IRC Network and it is good netiquette to have a registered name.

What to do when you're in a bind

    1. Take the discussion to the PM box of the moderator for the room, or to the Super Mods
    2. Make sure you include all the relevant facts. Link to the thread, full username of the other party, logs (for IRC). This saves you and us the time of asking for this information, waiting, having to find it ourselves, etc.
    3. I like lists.

MSF makes no claim of ownership to the materials and contents obtained through user information provided through its forums and does not endorse any actions involving the posting or obtaining of such materials through any means other than legal ones. Any information with regard to materials and content obtained or displayed may be removed or changed at any time for any reason (especially at the copyright claimants' request).

Posting direct links to things that are illegal is not allowed and will be removed immediately. Discussion of things that are of an illegal nature is allowed so long as the discussion itself is legal (pointing out something is illegal, or talking about an illegal product without making available the ability to get said illegal product)
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Re: General Forum Rules

Postby Helel » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:06 am

Just as a note to everyone, Rule 9 has been amended to reflect the hierarchy of the mods here, and who you need to report particular issues with. This is mostly to insure that if you have a problem with a person or a ruling you can take things to the next level rather than just going to another moderator for another room that you think will rule in your favor. Such behavior will be frowned upon heavily from here on out.

The 'what to do in a bind' heading was also slightly altered in order to assure that you all get as speedy a reply from us (the mods, the super mods) as possible with regards to the lion share of issues.

If you have any comments or questions regarding these changes, please post them in the comments room.
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