Minutes of the March mod meeting.

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Minutes of the March mod meeting.

Postby Mitera Nikkou » Sat Mar 12, 2005 9:34 am

Here are the minutes from the fourth. Sorry for the delay. XD


~Eirien asked what every mod had done around MSF since the last meeting.
~Ahiru will get back to work on the calendar as soon as time will allow, possibly by next Friday. *Baps Ahiru's job*
~Nikkou volunteered to take minutes.
~Went over some ideas concerning holiday events, for St. Patricks day, Easter, and April fools day.
~There was a short discussion and vote on whether the Anime/Manga room should be renamed to "Entertainment Lounge", which would expand to include content such as TV, movies and music along with anime and manga; and, along with two admins saying "yay", no one gave a "nay", and so it was finalized.
~Kimiko informed those present of the RPG supplement for MSF, that she, Ahiru, Frost, Amber, and Eri have been working on.
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